Community FAQ's

The Birchbrook Manor Rules & Regulations, as well as other helpful documents, can be found HEREBelow are additional FAQs. If you have a question that is not answered below or in the documents, please submit a request via TownSQ.


I want to renovate my condo. What am I allowed to do?

Visit the Architectural Modifications + Renovations page of this website.


What does the Association maintain and what am I responsible for maintaining?

Homeowners are responsible for inside your patio, all interior repairs (this includes windows and doors), and utilities/HVAC. 

The association manages everything on the exterior of your unit including landscaping, roof repair, and parking areas.

Plumbing repairs that impact only your unit are the homeowner's responsibility. If the line feeds multiple units, the HOA is responsible for the repair.

How do I report a common area maintenance issue?

We sincerely appreciate your efforts in alerting our management team of any maintenance issues in your community. This can include broken sprinkler heads, puddling water over a period of days indicating a possible plumbing leak, exterior light bulb change requests, etc. 

Please submit a request via TownSq and include a picture and as much detail as possible where applicable. You will be able to track the status of your request via TownSq


Where is the dumpster? 

The dumpster for the property is located in the alley between Birchbrook Manor and Birchbrook II, and are emptied Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

If the dumpster is full, DO NOT leave trash on the side of the dumpster. Trash collection will not get out of the truck to pick up that extra trash. If the dumpster is frequently full, please submit a request on TownSQ and let us know.

DO NOT leave trash on balconies, patios, or in hallways. This can cause a rodent infestation which cause other costly and hygienic issues down the road.

Where do I put large items that do not fit inside the dumpster? 

Large items that do not fit in the dumpster are not to be placed outside the dumpster. We recommend you call a charity to donate your items (many will pick up for free).

Removal of large bulk items placed next to the dumpster (sofa, tables, mattresses, large boxes, etc.) is not included in our trash pickup contracts. Each bulk pickup results in an extra charge to the HOA. Please help us conserve costs and encourage your neighbors to do the same!

There is a locked gate by the dumpster. How do I get a key?

A key to that gate should have been given to you along with the keys to your condo. If you are a renter, please contact your landlord. If you are a homeowner and do not have a key, submit a request on TownSQ. Additional keys can be purchased for a fee of $25.

Is there a recycling option on property?

Yes! We share a recycling bin with Birchbrook II. That is located along the back alley between Birchbrook Manor and Birchbrook II. Recycling is picked up weekly on day and day.


How do I get electric/gas/water/trash service? 

Homeowners are responsible for electricity to their unit. The association covers water, trash, and recycling.

How do I get a mailbox key?

The association is responsible for the mailbox “cluster” itself. Each owner is responsible for the individual mailbox lock. If you do not have a key, you will need to visit Home Depot or Lowes and purchase a new lock and then contact the postman to have them open the main lock so that you can change the lock. You will need to provide proof of residency. Other options are a locksmith or a handyman.


I'm having issues with pests. Who do I call? 

Protex Pest Control services the exterior of the property on the 2nd Friday quarterly (January, April, July, October). Up to 10 units may be added to each visit at no additional fee. Owners are responsible for calling Protex at least one week in advance to be added to the schedule on a first come, first serve basis. 214.528.6151.


I just received a violation notice. Who can I talk to about it?

Covenant violation related inquiries can be directed to your Community Manager, Angela Nethercutt at Additional contact information is available on the notice you received.

I need to report an issue with a neighbor's home.

Please submit a request via TownSq and include a picture and as much detail as possible where applicable.

Is there a list of do's and don'ts I can give to my tenant?

Renters should be familiar with the information on this website, as well as receive a copy of the community’s Rules & Regulations (found on the ASSOCIATION DOCUMENTS page of this website.)


Where can I find the governing documents of the association?

A copy of the community’s governing documents can be found HERE or in TownSq.

My lender is asking for a copy of the association's insurance. Where do I get this information?

These are available on TownSq in Documents at the top left click filter> category> “insurance certificate” or scroll through the documents until you find the most current copy. Or you may contact our Customer Service team Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-6:00 PM by phone, 855-289-6007, or via email at Live Chat is available on our website at You can also submit a request through TownSq.

How do I add my property to reflect on the insurance certificate? 

Reach out to the agent listed on the insurance certificate or Contact our Customer Service team Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-6:00 PM by phone, 855-289-6007, or via email at Live Chat is available on our website at You can also submit a request through TownSq.


How do I update my contact information/mailing address?

You can submit a request through TownSq with your new information. You may also fill out the NEW RESIDENT INFORMATION FORM found HERE and submit to TownSQ or email to Angela Nethercutt.


How do I get a lender questionnaire completed, obtain a resale certificate, or a statement? 

Lender questionnaires, Resale Certificates, and statementss can be ordered at HomeWise.


What is TownSq?

TownSq is an all-in-one app designed to help you connect, collaborate, and stay up to date with your community – any time on any device mobile/tablet or PC. TownSq streamlines operations for board members and simplifies community living for homeowners. 

Click HERE for more information.


What does the board do?

The association has responsibility for its common elements as well as  the management and operation of its business affairs - - all in accordance with standards established by the governing documents created when the community was first developed. Your Board of Directors carries out these duties and responsibilities. The Board is an elected body, elected periodically by the owners in general. After the board is elected, they select positions among themselves. At a minimum a President, Secretary, and Treasurer are selected. Other Board members provide ad hoc and advisory services. Members of your Board serve without compensation. The Board's authority includes all of the powers and duties enumerated in general law, as long as these powers are not inconsistent with the provisions of the Declaration and Bylaws governing the association.  

Who is on the board?  

The current Board members are:
Darlene McMillan
Justin Clumpner
Ken Adams
Jessica Robertson
Joshua Franklin
Bonnie Bachelor

How do I find out when the next board meeting will take place? Can I address the board?

Contact your community manager at to ask if/when the next Board meeting is scheduled.

Where can I find copies of the most recent board meeting minutes? 

Meeting minutes are posted in the Documents section of TownSq. If not, reach out to your property manager.

I am interested in becoming a board member. How do I run? 

Each board position is elected for a two-year term. Elections are held at the annual meeting in November. If you are interested in running for the board, contact Angela Nethercutt to be added to the ballot.